The Official Catalogue Raisonné of Lorenzo Ghiglieri

Lorenzo Ghiglieri 1931-2020

Discover a curated collection of powerful new works by the world-renowned artist, Lorenzo Ghiglieri. Within the pages of our catalogue raisonné, experience the profound diversity of his genius. Each masterpiece within unveils a distinguished style that mirrors the integrity of Creation itself, defining and revealing a unique power and beauty that is both authentic and deeply meaningful.

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Authentic Lorenzo Ghiglieri Art

Enter the enchanting realm of Lorenzo Ghiglieri’s authentic fine art. Renowned for capturing wildlife and human expression with mastery, Ghiglieri’s creations offer timeless beauty and profound storytelling. Start your exploration now.

The Ghiglieri Collectors


What do the Pope, the King of Spain, the Queen of England, three Presidents of the United States, the former Premier of Russia, celebrities worldwide, astronauts, and the most successful people in the world have in common? They all own a Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri Masterpiece and so can you!


The Board

In honor of Lorenzo Ghiglieri’s enduring legacy, the board carries forward his vision and commitment to excellence. Meet the individual entrusted with preserving and promoting his extraordinary legacy

Mark Russo

The son of esteemed artist Lorenzo Ghiglieri, Mark Russo serves as the sole board member. Additionally, as the only person authorized to appraise and authenticate Lorenzo's artworks, Mark plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity and legacy of his father's creations. His personal connection and expertise ensure each piece is accurately represented and valued, maintaining Lorenzo Ghiglieri's high standards. Mark also owns Treasure Investments Corporation, operating as Foundry Michelangelo, which produces and sells Lorenzo's artwork from his original molds, further extending the reach of his father's masterpieces.

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The Lorenzo Ghiglieri Arts

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Explore Lorenzo Ghiglieri’s captivating sculptures, each a masterpiece of form and emotion.


Journey through vibrant landscapes and intimate scenes in Ghiglieri’s oil paintings, rich in color and emotion.


Delve into the intricate detail and timeless elegance of Ghiglieri’s master drawings, each stroke capturing essence and emotion.